Who is this Steve Davis?

Who are you? Are you your current job title or occupation? I bet the answer is no. That is why it is hard for me to answer this question satisfactorily or succinctly here on my website.

As a marketer, I know that one answer is simple: I place on this page the few paragraphs and suggestions that you need to hear to make a decision to use my services or go somewhere else. But as someone fascinated by norms and conventions, I want more than that on my personal website.

Welcome to an experiment in “About Me” pages.

Despite our great capacity for intellect, it disappoints me that humans still get stuck on first impressions. If I meet you cleaning your barbecue, that will stick with me, even when I come back to see you in the role of my bank manager or car salesperson, etc. I will make judgements and assumptions based on that first impression. These might work for you or against you.

I am sure there is something linked to evolution and survival behind this trait. But I am equally sure that fear of this stops many of us from trying new things; it robs us of richness and diversity in life.

So here is my About Me page. Select a “Me” from the gallery below and hopefully you will find what you came for. I will confess up front that while most are based in truth, some are just fiction (because I had a good photo to use) and others are a “stretch”, in the true Aussie spirit of larrikinism.

Enjoy – and pleased to meet you


PS This page, or series of pages, is a work in progress. I will add more as I develop them, remove some when I become bored by them (or get sued). Why don’t you try being your full self on your About Me page?

PPS This page nominated: 25th Annual Marketing Over Coffee Awards, 2012

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