Online Insights on FIVEaa Sunday November 6 2011

Leandra Walker Beetroot Salad (Image Chiropractic Place, Darwin)

This month we get real about food, about money, about music and about publishing a book. What does a healthy person eat? There are many theories and diets around the best food for us. There are also many examples of healthcare professionals who abuse their bodies worse than their patients do. But a young, Darwin-based […]

Online Insights on FIVEaa Sunday June 13 2010

This fortnight in Online Insights, we look at privacy on classifieds sites, piracy, social media, and ironing!!’s privacy policy Privacy and Facebook has been in the news a lot (possibly because news corp owns MySpace, or is that being too cynical?) but I am concerned about privacy in relation to popular classified sites such […]

Online Insights on FIVEaa Sunday May 30 2010

This fortnight in online insights, we help you converse better, help you get on better with your kids, shine the spotlight on some dangerous journalism and then finish with some dangerous album covers. Enjoy Can you improve your conversation skills? Certainly. The Positivity Blog is quite a gold mine of timeless articles focussed on helping […]

Online Insights on fiveAA, Sunday, January 11, 2009

Midomi Midomi is a social network with a difference, in fact it moves to the beat of a different drum! A good friend of mine from Japan told me about this site and has summed it up as follows: “Basically if you’re trying to find a song, but you can’t remember the artist or song […]

Online Insights on fiveAA, Sunday, September 21, 2008

Before I start with the websites, I have to give eBay a blast tonight for allowing pompous, over-spun, conceited, corporate speak on their site. eBay is pretty good at saying things like “our fees are going up and it will help you as a seller”, that sort of thing, but now they have started running […]