Online Insights on FIVEaa Sunday February 10 2013

childcare nomincations

This month on Online Insights we tip our hats to childcare workers, learn to write simply, digest movies faster and dream about stars. Early Education & Care Awards Our girls have been going to childcare for a few years now and I am astounded by how patient and professional the childcare workers are. Every day […]

Online Insights on FIVEaa Sunday July 04 2010

This month in Online Insights, we discover when fresh is really fresh, have fun with the beginning of everything, unlock a free planning tool, and set you up for some family and holiday fun, geek style. Pop Up Book I think I have discovered the secret ingredient that will help modernise children’s  books and it […]

Online Insights on FIVEaa Sunday March 7 2010

This fortnight in Online Insights, we hear about a stoush between an airline and a big man from Hollywood, access some of the world’s greatest minds as well as the world’s worst clients, and learn about whose house to burgle NOW. As always, remember to email me with website suggestions – A tale of […]

Online Insights with Steve Davis on FIVEaa, Sunday, August 23, 2009

Captain Skellett’s Science Blog Science Week ends today, so I thought I had better mark the occasion by sharing some science sites. The first is by a young, Adelaide-based, science communicator, Captain Skellet, who I met at a Twitter forum I was presenting last week. Her blog is like New Scientist meets Sex And The […]

Online Insights with Steve Davis on FIVEaa, Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beer Wars Movie I talk a lot about wine so I thought I would balance the books here by mentioning this novel event that took place in America last week. A documentary about the US beer market and the battle between small breweries and the big breweries was released and screened in cinemas for one […]

Online Insights with Steve Davis on FIVEaa, Sunday, March 22, 2009

Australian Nudist Federation website Australian nudists have finally entered the 21st century with an official website coinciding with the release of new guidelines for naturists. Unfortunately, the site is one of the clunkiest I have seen for a while with bandwidth-heavy technology. This site certainly won’t be the model for modern websites. Not only is […]