An library of skeptical enquiry

January 19, 2013
steve davis skeptic adelaide
Me trying to look stereotypically ‘skeptical’

The most attractive thing I find about being part of the skeptical movement, is the unquenchable sense of curiosity that inspires skeptics to understand the ‘reason’ behind various claims and beliefs.

I am also greatly attracted by the focus on critical thinking skills. Too many of us are too lazy with our thinking, which feeds into habits, routines and behaviours that can harm us. Through this blog, I will be adding my take to the formal list of logical fallacies, to share them with people who happen this way but to also ‘sharpen my saw’ as I produce them.

Until then, I thought I’d share my listing of skeptical podcasts as a reference guide or starting point, if you are curious about scientific skepticism. By the way, this is not the climate skeptic gaggle of people ignoring what sound science is telling us, this is earnest, intelligent and sometimes cheeky enquiry, driven by passion for trying to save the world from the dangers of life-sapping superstition.


One of the most enjoyable ways to tap into the skeptical movement is to tune in to podcasts.

There are many of them springing up and the following are my favourites:

The Skeptics Guide To The Universe. This is the one podcast to rule them all – great science, great banter. Here is the link to the Skeptics Guide on iTunes and here is the Skeptics Guide website.

Skeptics with a ‘K‘. This is a ‘no heirs and graces’ podcast from Merseyside in the UK. The boys have a laugh and sometimes get steamed under the collar as they work through news stories and events. Here is the link to Skeptics with a K on iTunes and here is the Skeptics with a K website.

Skeptic Zone. This is an Australian podcast produced by Richard Saunders. There are some excellent interviews in this podcast, even though I find it a bit slow and waffly at times.  But that is why god invented the ‘skip forward’ button on your iPod, wasn’t it? Here is The Skeptic Zone on iTunes and a link to the Skeptic Zone website.

The Pod Delusion. This is a comprehensive hour plus from the UK. Here is The Pod Delusion on iTunes and a link to The Pod Delusion website.

I will expand this into a directory page later in 2013.

Online Reading

Skeptic Magazine. The name says it all. It also has an iPad app.

“The Skeptic” Magazine. This is the Australian magazine, produced quarterly.

Skepticism 101. A free resource ‘for all’.

The Skeptic’s Dictionary.

The big list of critical thinking and skeptical resources.