Hi guys, here it is, plain and simple. This is a hidden page for friends and friends of friends through the Stradbroke community.

I’d love you to come to my Fringe shows, preferably both of them.

I don’t do Fringe for the money, but for the fun and the expression.

In other words, I’d rather see you there than not see you at all.

However, it’s crazy for me to change the ticketing on the Fringe site for you, so I have this little workaround.

Firstly, all orders of 6 or more get discount tickets anyway, but if you come in a group of 4, I’ll arrange a bottle of nice SA wine for you. I’ll be running a tab at both venues. If you really are still struggling, please chat with me. This is about art and fun and I can’t stress how deeply rewarding your presence is, well over and beyond your tickets.

What are the two shows?

2 Cats Drove Into The Cuckoo’s nest is with Ralf Hadzic who drives all the stars around when they come to Adelaide. Lots of naughty tales about celebs, plus stories from the US trip he and I just did, which included a Grammys after party. All people who buy meal + show tickets to this one enter a draw for a day trip for two to the Barossa with me and Ralf in his Life Is A Cabernet cruiser. Plus there’ll be a six-pack of SA wine up for grabs for the funniest entry in our pre-show competition.
Mature kids okay if they can handle one mild sexual reference and some drug references. None overly explicit. My girls are going because I realise they probably know more about stuff than I think they do.
LINK: 2 Cats

Innuendo Everywhere with Becky Blake from Chunky Custard is an hour of skits and some songs in the style of Are You Being Served – lots of innuendo and double entendre. I am going to have a box set of Are You Being Served up for grabs, randomly drawn from all the pre-show competition entries shared on social media.
Probably not the best for kids. No swear words but lots of innuendo. My girls aren’t seeing this one (at the moment).
LINK: Innuendo

This will be my last Fringe, so I won’t be pestering you again.

Hope you can make them.

Any questions, just text or call me on 0403022077 or message me via FB or email [email protected]

And please feel free to share this with anybody in the community.

Now, back to rehearsals for me.

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