1000 Years of German Humour (***) until Sat, Mar 21, 2009

February 27, 2009

The premise for this show is that Germans are not known for having a sense of humour, at least one that embraces subtlety, irony, and whimsy.

We were all expecting awkwardly delivered jokes and brutal slapstick, all with a nod and a wink to the audience acknowledging how “bad” it all was.

What we did get from Award-winning German Comedy Ambassador Henning Wehn and the Fatherland’s foremost Yodelmeister Otto Kuhnle is a show that contained some comic moments strewn among a background of disjointed banter.

Otto has a great voice and is the “Victor Borge” of opera. He musical/operatic sequences are enchanting and delightful.

Henning delivers his schtick well but seemed to be grappling for material on the night.

As it happens, the Friday night crowd had drunk deeply from the Caos Cafe’s stocks of “bier und wein”, and the night rollicked along.

I would like to see the show made a little tighter with some more solid material in place of the garden gnome sketch which amused briefly and then draffed like a “time filler”. 

It has its moments of fun but I agree with the English couple who sat next to me, it would be good to see the performers do solo shows because the sharing of the stage from one sketch to the next lent a stop/start feeling to the show as we adjusted back and forth to their very different styles.