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Welcome to the home of my marketing, comedy, speaking, podcasting, writing, and performance personalities. These are perpetually available to bring you thoughtful and curious entertainment and/or be harnessed for your organisation!

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From treading the boards at La Mama Theatre to presenting 260 consecutive weeks of podcasts, from conducting 40,000+ interviews in a radio career to presenting thousands of business workshops and keynote presentations on marketing and social media, this has been a crazy ride, and crazier things are yet to come!


If you feel stuck when it comes to marketing messages, talk to me and I’ll help you uncover and use the goldmine of engaging marketing content for your website, social media, and other marketing channels.


Whether it’s behind the microphone on a podcast or in a radio studio, or standing out the front of hundreds of people at a live event, I love nothing better than keeping conversation flowing, punctuated with laughs and winks.


From working with Glynn Nicholas through the School of Hard Knock Knocks, to studying comedy with the comedically-wise Tim Ferguson, I’m loving the journey of applying structure to my “class clown” instincts.

Stand Up Comedy

Steve’s start in stand up comedy career began under the watchful eye of Glynn Nicholas, as part of the School Of Hard Knock Knocks comedy course. Highly recommended.

Is This Thing On TV

In July 2018, Steve was one of the cast of Is This Thing On, a reality TV-style documentary of 10 stand up comedy students, shot in Melbourne by Mezzanine Films, directed by Stig Wemyss, and produced by the School Of Hard Knock Knocks.

Live Presentations

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When I first saw Steve perform I was impressed with is on-stage presence. He followed though by backing that up with a cheery delivery of some sharp-witted, funny material.

– Bradford E Oakes, 30 year veteran of Australian stand up comedy

Steve - a stand-up comedian? Quick, get me a chair. I need to sit down. He makes me laugh. Which is a good thing considering he’s a comedian. A man of many surprises.

– David Minnear, chair, Adelaide Fringe

Steve's performance is captivating to watch, his larger than life personality definitely shines bright on stage.

– Joe White, comedian

I had the great pleasure of working with Steve [and] was extremely impressed with Steve’s confidence, comedic style, delivery and ability to connect with the audience whilst on stage. As a professional public speaker having seen many comedians and presenters over the years ... I would highly recommend Steve to any client.

– Steve Van Aperen, the Human Lie Detector

Steve has been a sheer delight to work with and I am sure we will be hearing a great more from him in the future. This guy is charming, charismatic and is bloody funny.

– Glynn Nicholas, Comedian, Actor, Director, Producer

Recent Stories

Is This Thing On? A reflection

We have just wrapped an intense week of doing a stand up comedy course while also being filmed documentary/reality TV style with cameras everywhere and surprise challenges to ram home lessons while creating great TV.

Flawed Dad. A poem.

This is a poem I wrote for my daughters, Alexandra and Caitlin. It gained new significance for me when a close friend, Michael Shanahan, recited it in his eulogy for me as part of The Adelaide Show Podcast, episode 157.

Other ways to find Steve Davis

The Adelaide Show

This is my weekly podcast, The Adelaide Show, produced with Nigel Dobson-Keeffe, in which we put South Australia on centre stage with wine tasting, in depth discussion, history and a dash of sauciness.

Baristador Coffee

This is my coffee label, Baristador Coffee. It is dark roasted and you get to choose your caffeine strength. I also run this passion project as a guinea pig for trying different marketing and social media approaches.

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