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Welcome to a site that acts as my centre for all things community-based. My occasional performances at open mic nights like Cranker Comedy, and my on-going community-focussed podcast, The Adelaide Show. If you’re interested in my professional marketing services, MC duties, commercial podcasting, public speaking, small business workshops and group facilitation, please click across to Talked About Marketing.


I craft what Glam Adelaide has described as “thinking-person’s comedy” with a mixture of storytelling and physical theatre. My interests range from straight stand up to character work, including Professor Longsword from the MBA School of MBA Credentials, and Social Sales Whisperer, Darren Hill.


With 20 years of radio experience and 10 years of podcasting experience, I have loved producing The Adelaide Show due to the way it enables me to put South Australian passion on centre stage. I’ve had the honour of capturing and sharing hundreds of stories from all aspects of SA society.


If you’re producing theatre in South Australia, contact me to see if I’m available to review your work. I have been voluntarily reviewing The Arts since the 1990s and since 2013 my reviews (and those by others in The Adelaide Show tribe) have appeared here: Adelaide Show Podcast Reviews.

I had the great pleasure of working with Steve [and] was extremely impressed with Steve’s confidence, comedic style, delivery and ability to connect with the audience whilst on stage. As a professional public speaker having seen many comedians and presenters over the years ... I would highly recommend Steve to any client.
Steve Van Aperen
The Human Lie Detector


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