About Steve Davis

Who is this Steve Davis?

Who are you? Are you your current job title or occupation? I bet the answer is no. That is why it is hard for me to answer this question satisfactorily or succinctly here on my website.

You’ve come here looking for Steve Davis marketer or Steve Davis comedian or Steve Davis Adelaide, and now you’ve found this kaleidoscopic about me page.

As a marketer, I know I am breaking all the rules with this About Me page. Firstly, it is covering a lot of different aspects of my career and skillset. Secondly, a lot of the entries on this page are fun Google experiments (I can assure you, I have never been an adult film star). And thirdly, I have not inserted strong Calls To Action throughout. Why am I doing it this way? It’s because I am an odd bod that doesn’t quite fit into any of the marketing boxes you might expect. However, that is also why people choose to use my services; I look at things differently and enjoy empowering clients to find new ways to capture attention in the marketplace.

Welcome to my experiment with About Me pages

Despite our great capacity for intellect, it disappoints me that humans still get stuck on first impressions. If I meet you cleaning your barbecue, that will stick with me, even when I come back to see you in the role of my bank manager or car salesperson, etc. I will make judgements and assumptions based on that first impression. These might work for you or against you.

I am sure there is something linked to evolution and survival behind this trait. But I am equally sure that fear of this stops many of us from trying new things; it robs us of richness and diversity in life.

So here is my About Me page. Select a “Me” from the gallery below and hopefully you will find what you came for. I will confess up front that while most are based in truth, some are just fiction (because I had a good photo to use) and others are a “stretch”, in the true Aussie spirit of larrikinism.

Enjoy – and pleased to meet you


Meet the Steve Davises

Steve Davis Cricket Umpire

Cricket is one of my favourite sports, most likely because unlike other games this one can last five days.

Steve Davis Snooker Champion

Snooker. For me, the 1970s stands for Pot Black and endless duels against Charlton. Great rivals, indeed!

Steve Davis Actor At Large

Acting is one of my most fear-inspiring and joy-deriving pursuits, from La Mama Theatre to Union Hall, Adelaide University.

Steve Davis Radio Announcer

Radio is a strange beast. If you catch the bug as I did at the age of 13 you can rest assured it will remain with you always.

Steve Davis Davis Cup Tennis Champ

The greatest string of Davis Cup titles I won was one that stretched for months on end at the Beulah Park courts from 1994-1998.

Steve Davis Gay Adult Porn Star

In researching my composite About Me pages, I was quite shocked to learn I had overlooked the Adult Film Industry. Consider that fixed!


You want creative content for your marketing? Let’s talk. I’ll not only help you conceive ideas, I can help you bring them to life, working with you to create interesting, engaging media content. I’ll grab that microphone or camera, take the stage for you, or write to help you win awards, grants, and audiences.


Need a speaker? I have two decades of experience, talking to small groups of 6 to keynote addresses in auditoriums like the Darwin Entertainment Centre during October Business Month. Topics include marketing, business, media, social media, and parenting.


My style of comedy is story-based, lending itself to after dinner speaking engagements, and engaged comedy crowds. I can also tailor material to your specific needs and enjoy applying wordplay to new situations. Let’s have fun together, so to speak!

Contact Steve Davis

The best way to contact me is through email - sd@stevedavis.com.au - or by using the form below. Alternatively, try Twitter, my favourite social networking channel: @stevedavis

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