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Who are you? Are you your current job title or occupation? I bet the answer is no. That is why it is hard for me to answer this question satisfactorily or succinctly here on my website.

You’ve come here looking for Steve Davis Comedian or Steve Davis Speaker, or Steve Davis Adelaide, but what you’ve found is my kaleidoscopic “about me” page.

I know that I’m breaking all the SEO rules with this About Me page because it’s not focussed on one particlar question you’re trying to answer. Whoops!

Unless, of course, you’re trying to work out how to define this “Steve Davis” you’ve heard about.

And that’s my point. You are probably a blend of many interests and passions and hobbies, too, so I’m trying to offer a page that just sits with this heady mix of things that interest and engage me in the hope that it might embolden you to be as open about your variety of “personas” too.

As Oscar Wilde said: Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!

Steve Davis: Inspired by Oscar Wilde

There’s a reason why Adelaide illustrator, Casey Cumming, created a caricature of me in the style of Oscar Wilde, below. 

Apart from the simple fact that I asked her to, it was because my whole life has been lived in the spirit of one of Oscar Wilde’s most memorable quote:

There's only one thing worse than being talked about and that's not being talked about.

From setting my sights on a radio career from age 12 (and starting in radio at age 18), to strutting the stage at La Mama Theatre, to public speaking, to podcasting, to seizing every opportunity to be an MC at events large and small, I’ve been driven by the challenge of finding ways to bring joy to people.

Or, to put it another way: my mission is to pair creativity with curiosity so that our lives might be enriched by surprising, helpful, and amusing discoveries.

The famous Steve Davis Google experiment

Despite our great capacity for intellect, it disappoints me that humans still get stuck on first impressions.

If I meet you cleaning your barbecue, that will stick with me, even when I come back to see you in the role of my bank manager or car salesperson, etc. I will make judgements and assumptions based on that first impression. These might work for you or against you.

I am sure there is something linked to evolution and survival behind this trait. But I am equally sure that fear of this stops many of us from trying new things; it robs us of richness and diversity in life.

So here is my About Me Page Google Experiment. I have drawn from aspects of my life and written them in the style of other “Steve Davises” who are known for particular pursuits. I’ve been curious to see if/how this gets my profile listed when people are googling these other holders of our “unique” and “rare” name.

I will confess up front that while most are based in truth, some are just fiction (because I had a good photo to use) and others are a “stretch”, in the true Aussie spirit of larrikinism.

Enjoy – and pleased to meet you


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