A Lunchtime MBA

2021 Adelaide Fringe

Feb 22 to Mar 19 - 1pm - Treasury 1860

The Prestigious Lunchtime MBA

The highly sought after MBA used to take two years to earn but thanks to the MBA School Of MBA Credentials’ endeavour, patented systems, and need for revenue, you can now be awarded your MBA during one lunchtime.

Led by the relaxed academic, Professor Longsword, you will wonder why you hadn’t pursued higher learning sooner, and question why you hadn’t ordered the fish!

Enrol now to benefit from our wisdom, patience, and extensive wine list.

MBA School Of MBA Credentials
"Anything worth learning cannot be taught”

- Hon Prof Oscar Wilde

Course Outline

A Lunchtime MBA is your passport to success

The business lunch is back!

Be a leader and book your team into this hilarious lecture by Professor Longsword from the MBA School Of MBA Credentials.

Achieve core competency as a high-flying CEO through the shortest MBA course in the world, ably assisted by Ass Pro Robert Lloyd.

You’ll learn profound truths about MBAs such as:

  • How it’s not important to understand the topics from your degree but just how to talk to people who do!
  • When talking to accounting and finance people, you’ll argue profit is good and loss is bad but when talking to investors, shareholders, and the general public, you’ll be able to convince them that profit is bad and loss is good, which is covered under marketing!

Come for a lunch, leave with a qualification – just don’t read the fine print. Directed by Glynn Nicholas.

Make history today. Earn the first post-graduate degree ever made possible by an Adelaide Fringe show.*

Knowing you’ll go back to the office with an MBA means you don’t need to ask permission beforehand.

*The MBA awarded by the MBA School Of MBA Credentials might or might not be recognised by other petty, jealous universities. Their loss!

The Lunch Menu

For those students who book Meal + Show tickets via Fringetix, you will have a choice of one of these fine lunches. Remember, if you do book your lunch, arrive between noon and 12:15 so you can be served and finished by the 1pm show start. Chef Nick Filsel can deal with any food allergies, simply contact him on [email protected] or by phoning 7225 1722.


Pan Roasted Barramundi

Pan roasted barramundi, warm crushed potato salad, lemon caper dressing.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jamaican jerk chicken, beans ‘n rice, festival bread and apricot jus.

Moroccan Pulled Lamb

Lamb shoulder, pearl cous cous & herb salad, turmeric yoghurt, pistachio & sesame dukkah, toasted pita

Time & Venue

Lunch serving time

Lunch for Meal and Show ticket holders will be served from noon, with students asked to arrive by 12:15. Similarly, if you have bought a Show Only ticket, the kitchen will still accept orders during that time.

Show starting time

Professor Longsword will enter the restaurant and commence the MBA lecture, err, show, at 1pm. The performance runs 60 minutes and buying drinks in the bar beforehand is recommended.

Boost your career

Start counting down to your new life

The season of A Lunchtime MBA is underway. Buy tickets now, while you still can!