Steve Davis Actor

Steve Davis actor | As Professor Longsword Adelaide Fringe 2021

Acting is one of the most fear-inspiring and joy-deriving pursuits I’ve known.

From the underground boards at La Mama Theatre, performing equally underground and subversive plays, to the splendid space of Union Hall at Adelaide University, I have always enjoyed the challenge of filling and using the space in which we were performing.

Performaces (incomplete)

Fate of a cockroach (Minister) 1988

Not a thing out of place (Postman) 1989

Then (Professor) 1989

Picnic on a battlefield (Medic) 1990

Inspector Maigret (Television Production, Waiter) 1993

The Dinner Party (Food Critic) 1994

Slum Clearance (Minister) 1996

South Australian Theatre Sports Champions (Ideal Husbands – Steve Davis, Norm Munroe, Caroline Daish, Chris Drummond with Michael Shanahan)

2 Cats On A Hot Fringe Roof (2019)

Innuendo Everywhere (2020)

2 Cats Flew Drove Into The Cuckoo’s Nest (2020)

A Lunchtime MBA (2021)

100% MBA Success: Whisky And Trivia With Professor Longsword (2023)

More thoughts about acting

A highlight for any stage actor is a visit to The Globe Theatre in England and one to Stratford-On-Avon, the home of Shakespeare. While theatre has become more embracing of the audience and more post-modern, there is still something about theatre done the way it was by Shakespeare and his contemporaries that balanced nicely the suspension of disbelief with the acknowledgement of actors playing roles for audiences.

Since retiring from stage acting, I have taken to theatre reviewing. I love reviewing the magnificent and creative work being brewed here in South Australia.

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