Steve Davis – Drummer

Steve Davis Solo Drummer“You and I move to the beat of a different drum”, or so the classic song goes, however, people tell me my drumming moves to the beat of a different universe!

You might say my drumming is somewhat of an acquired taste and that most of my fans do tend to turn off their hearing aids so they can “feel” the beat rather than just hear it.

In the picture here, I am performing at a friend’s wedding – it was my gift to them.

And I would like you to share in that gift.

What I play here is an improvisation I composed when waiting for my delivery of Baristador Coffee to arrive. It is called, “I Need Coffee”.

Some critics have talked about its “almost eerie representation of the pulse of impulses pulsing through the veins of a caffeine fiend in withdrawal”.

Judge for yourself:

I hope that brought you some joy and maybe even inspired you to practice your favourite instrument more so you can enjoy the pleasure of self expression through musical instruments.

It has been drawn to my attention that there is another Steve Davis who is renown for drumming and should you have been looking for him and landed here by mistake, you might want to visit his site.

And if you are a fellow “Steve Davis” working in this field somewhere else in the world, leave a comment and link, below.