Steve Davis – Espresso Evangelist

[singlepic id=6 w=225 h=338 float=right]Coffee runs in my blood, I think. Mind you, that doesn’t explain how I lived to be 26 before drinking my first cup. But who lets such detail ruin a great catch line?

This is one of the truthful biographies on this site for I am, indeed, the Espresso Evangelist and Founder of Baristador Coffee.

Baristador Coffee is an exclusive coffee service for aficionados of good espresso, especially those who are determined to wean themselves off (or cut down consumption of) caffeine while still enjoying strong, powerful short blacks, long blacks, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and my favourite, ristrettos!

While I confess there is much that is yuppy-driven about coffee culture in the West (double cream, pineapple-flavoured, spritz, spiced, triple decaf shot, latte, for example), it shocks me when I ask for a ristretto and get blank looks from “baristas”.

Basically, the story with Baristador Coffee is that you can order coffee with the caffeine content you desire, all of it is full bodied, organic and, in some cases, fairtrade. It is available in Australia only, at this stage.

Here is what attracts me to coffee. It is one of nature’s pure gifts of delight. After removing the coffee berry fruit and drying the seed, that seed is simply roasted, ground and then has warm to hot water espressed through it, to extract coffee oils into an exquisite dollop of heavenly syrup, known as a shot of coffee. You don’t get many drinks this natural except for water and juices.

Many people “pollute” their coffee with sugar and milk but then again, many people drink coffee of such abysmal quality that polluting it would seem to be the only decent thing to do.

Part of my role as Espresso Evangelist, however, is not to spurn these people but to welcome them into the fold of coffee lovers and to gradually introduce them to the pure way.

You can order Baristador Coffee and find out more about the beginning of Baristador on its website.

If you are a fellow “Steve Davis” working in this field somewhere else in the world, leave a comment and link.