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[singlepic id=11 w=225 h=338 float=right]Marketing is at the height of its beauty and effectiveness when it demands (and gets) complete and genuine customer focus from every single soul within an organisation (including small businesses and sole traders).

Even though these words are being written in 2011, this idea is still radical.

This concerns me deeply.

I still come across too many people in business who are focussed on internal systems and “the way we do it around here” instead of at least keeping a weather eye on conversations and trends in the marketplace.

Does it take extra effort to do this? Yes.

Will everything I do pay off? That depends.

There are many tools to help you listen to your marketplace but all tools need to be used in conjunction with a plan.

And that’s why I started Talked About Marketing, after leaving my role at Baker Marketing (which went into liquidation in February 2019 – well, one of the companies went into liquidation. The company then resumed trading with a new ABN, having, sadly, left many many unpaid invoices owing to me, but that’s another story).

Talked About Marketing is a sales and marketing consultancy in Adelaide, South Australia. We get to work with business owners and managers who WANT to get their marketing right AND we have the depth to help do as much or as little of the ensuing task that is needed.

Of particular note, I enjoy being able to draw upon two decades of consulting experience and combine it with both theories and research gleaned from my Masters Degree in Marketing and systems I’ve developed in conjunction with the principles of Human-Centred Design and my colleague, Michael Shanahan.

Your can see more of my profile on the Talked About Marketing website.

If you are a fellow “Steve Davis” working in this field somewhere else in the world, leave a comment and link.


  • Hi Steve
    Your name popped up (again) today in my session on internet marketing at ISBEC from one of your satisfied clients & I felt I needed to applaud you. As we probably all know most folks only ever bleat when something is going wrong | the ads cant be seen | I cant find my site when I search for etc etc But it seems you are doing a genuinely good job. well done mate Keep up the great work.

  • Pete, thanks for taking the time to stop and share that with me. It could have been so easy to let the comment pass amid your busyness. You have just inspired me to take time to pass on little things like this because the world sorely needs more injections of positivity! It iis also good to hear that small business owners not only take one session on online marketing but continue to drink from these ever-changing and challenging waters.

  • Dear Steve
    I attended your workshop for marketing using social media organised by Women In Business & Regional Development today. I wanted to say thank you – I learnt a lot – I learnt that you don’t need expensive programs – I learnt not to be afraid because I wasn

  • – woops! posted the comment without finishing it . . . and I learnt not to be afraid because I didn’t know how to do it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge . . . and for doing it so joyfully.

    • Thanks, Lucia, nice of you to leave a comment. Yes, the best approach is to dig in slowly and just try things AND to remember the others using these tools all had to start somewhere themselves!


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