Steve Davis Snooker Champion

Steve Davis Snooker Player

Hello, I’m Steve Davis snooker champion!

For me, the 1970s stands for Pot Black and endless duels against Charlton. Game after game we played and I doubt you’d find another pair of rivals who sparred with as much passion as we did.

Of course, I am talking about my cousin, Craig Charlton, not Eddie Charlton whom my namesake battled through the same period.

I remember the pool table in his rumpus room and the blue chalk stains on our fingers after we chalked our cues relentlessly, searching for the edge.

And it wasn’t just snooker. We did battle in billiards and Kelly Pool as well, let alone trick shots and the occasional cue ball sent flying under the couch.

Another great battleground was the table at our grandparents. The wicker matting was kinder to the balls that flew from the table. And the large freezer was always close by with icecreams to reward the battle weary!

Luckily I have the freezer and the pool table in my house now and the photo you see is me perched against the recovered table with a little artistic license in the background.

One enduring thing that these felt-based battles taught me was while it was important to have fun through a game, you still need to apply your whole concentration to each shot. Get that balance wrong in snooker or life, and you will be poorer for it. Have your learned anything from snooker?

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