Andrea Gibbs is STARKERS ***1/2 (Garden Shed until Sunday, March 2, 2008)

February 23, 2008

Andrea Gibbs has set herself a challenging task. She must introduce us to three strong, Australian female characters in 60 minutes.

We meet the Aussie girl reminiscing about summers spent watching cricket on tv with her dad, lamenting the fact that streaking is now a lost art, a rite of passage of a bygone era. Next, she is a prison inmate with unexpected capacity for storing contraband on her person. And then we meet the elderly widow, seeking guilt-free moments of climactic bliss through dental procedures.

Andrea’s poise was sublime and she engaged us from the outset. The three pieces are sympathetics character studies, which drew contant ripples of laughter from the audience, partly through comedic narrative, and partly through recognising ourselves in the mirror Andrea holds up to our Aussie psyche.

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