Innuendo Everywhere: Becky Blake and Steve Davis do it!

2020 Adelaide Fringe Season
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A Dazzling Duo

Becky Blake is the Piano Chick whose sense of humour infuses all she does, and Steve Davis is just a goof who loves wordplay. What could possibly go wrong?

When Becky’s fingers work their magic and Steve’s tongue finds centre stage, we know each audience member will be glad they came for this fascinating celebration of innuendo.

From cheeky Dinah Washington to naughty Enid Blyton, Becky will tinkle her keys and Steve will flaunt his shtick in earnest until your fancies have been tickled.

If you often find yourself finding double meanings in things, or getting into trouble for inserting your own, then this show will hit all the right notes for you.

Becky and Steve will be undoing all the layers the English language uses to cloak cheekiness and enable messages to be delivered with plausible deniability.

Let’s do it!

Steve Davis

Steve Davis

In his day job, Steve operates Talked About Marketing, a marketing consultancy in Adelaide specialising in strategy, content creation, workshops, and keynotes.

Becky Blake

Becky Blake

Becky is one of the most recognised and loved entertainers in South Australia, known for her solo work as The Piano Chick and ensembe work with Chunky Custard.


Not long to go now to get your tickets and get along to the Duke Of Brunswick in Gilbert Street, Adelaide, for some sharp laughs and titters as part of your 2020 Adelaide Fringe experience. Great meals too, in the 100% gluten free kitchen!








What’s In Store

What To Expect During Innuendo Everywhere

The first thing to make sure you come along expecting some mischief and to be ready for some surprises as our arch-innuendoers prepare to seek out sneaky wordcraft where you least expect it. You will leave with an eagerness to play with it, whenever you get a chance to give your use of English a good shake.

Stunning Music

This goes without saying. With Becky in full control of her keyboard, there’ll be music infused in the key of fun to keep your toes tapping and jowels jangling.

What Is Innuendo?

Steve will take you on a comedic journey to the origins and evolution of innuendo. But he might not put his hands on it right away. He might gently caress the topic to arouse your interest first.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Quite simply, Innuendo Everywhere has been created to give you a good night out. There’ll be other shows for disturbing your deepest thoughts and moving you to tears, but here we’ll just tickle you in all the places we can reach.

Innocence Lost

Sadly, and joyfully, some of your favourite childhood repositories of innocent fun and delight, will be seen in a way that will never let you un-see them!

You’ll Get Reviewed

Once again, Steve will be a theatre reviewer during the Adelaide Fringe but can’t ethically review his own show, so he’ll be reviewing each night’s audience. Live comedy is a collaboration between performers and audience members, so make sure you’re fully present and you might earn 5 stars!


Here is everything about Innuendo Everywhere that you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

What time and where?

Innuendo Everywhere: Becky Blake and Steve Davis do it is on Thursday and Friday at 8.30pm, and Sunday at 5.30pm for the first two weeks of the 2020 Adelaide Fringe, upstairs at the Duke Of Brunswick Hotel, 207 Gilbert Street, Adelaide. That’s just down in the south western corner of the Adelaide CBD.

The actual dates are February 20, 21, 23, 27, 28, and March 1.

What's the food like?

The food at the Duke Of Brunswick is excellent.

The kitchen is very sensitive to food allergies and is completely gluten free.

You won’t be disappointed if you come early and have dinner before the show – in fact, you might end up enjoying the show even more!

Does Steve really play the trombone?

Some things are best left to the imagination.

All will be revealed at the show, so why don’t you just plan to come? Solved!

Got any questions?

This is “fringe”, which means there are no degrees of separation between performers and audiences (well, there shouldn’t be). So if you have any questions about our show, please just fire off your question and we’ll be in touch.

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