Online Insights on fiveAA, Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30, 2007

Fast Food Choices Program
Emily Brindall, Adelaide researcher with the CSIRO, says the main reason South Australians eat fast food is because it’s convenient. She interviewed 500 South Australians and discovered that we visit fast food chains about 3.4 times a month, with 1 in 3 of us claiming we buy fast food because of time constraints.
We eat about 885 calories a visit (which is about 40% of daily allowance).
Highest number of calories are consumed at Hungry Jacks, then KFC, Red Rooster, Maccas and Dominos.
She has now added a calorie counter to her site – – which delivers are rather frightening wake up call when you punch in your food of choice and then add sides and drinks.

Favourite Sesame Street clips from childhood

If you want to re-live your innocent days of childhood, visit this walk back through memory lane, or should I say, through your neighbourhood, for a great little archive of classic Bert and Ernie, Grover, Kermit and songs about numbers and letters. Some of my favourites include:

  • Ernie and the Ice Cream cone – HE WANTED A chocolate, strawberry,peach,vanilla, banana,pastacio,pepermint,lemon,orange,butterscotch ice cream cone!
  • Bert and Ernie explore a pyramid
  • Bert and Ernie go fishing.
  • Ernie Buries Bert at the Beach (just right for summer)
  • The Alligator King and his Seven Sons
  • Manah Manah

And don’t forget to scroll through the comments to find links to other classics including: Monsterpiece Theater – The Taming of the Shoe

Worst PR Disasters of 2007
The annual Top 10 PR Disaster Awards highlight the worst examples of bad PR jobs as well as corporate scandals and celebrity gaffes.
Entries are open until midnight on 31 December 2007, and the winners will be announced early in 2008.
Just looking through the nominations makes for entertaining reading – and the ones highlighted on this entry page will probably make up most of the Top Ten, they include:

  • The Cartoon Network’s bomb scare marketing stunt (A ‘buzz marketing’ campaign for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim feature Aqua Teen Hunger Force consisting of LED-based lightboxes with a cartoon character giving the middle finger has caused panic in Boston and shut down their transit system)
  • Movie pin-up Ralph Fiennes’ Qantas toilet tryst (most coverage neglected Ralph’s mission as UNICEF ambassador, heading to India to promote HIV/AIDS awareness)
  • Heather Mills McCartney’s breakdown on a TV talk show led to her PR person quitting
  • Ribena – had its vitamin C product claims debunked by two teenage science students
  • BBC – revelations that the UK broadcaster faked results of viewer phone-in competitions
  • FEMA – had its staff pretend to be news reporters at a badly attended press conference

Cyber fireworks

Fireworks haven’t been available for legal use by the public for at least 20 years in South Australia. But we still love fireworks. So, this New Year’s Eve, visit Cyber Fireworks to have your own mini-fireworks show on your computer. It will amuse you for 30 seconds but at least no one will end up in hospital.