Online Insights on FIVEaa Sunday December 4 2011

December 4, 2011

With xmas about 20 sleeps away a couple of sites this month will focus on that event on how to navigate work parties and how single people can treat themselves to festive feasts, we’ll discover some quick house cleaning tips (always useful this time of year) and we finish with some thrilling rides.

Andersons Law Blog Christmas wisdom

Between now and Christmas Day, many people will be letting their hair down at various work functions – those held at their place of work, their partner’s, their clients, customers or suppliers.

And as much as it is a time for fun and letting hair down, there is always a risk of letting too much down, so to speak.

The first website tonight is actually from the blog run by Andersons Solicitors here in Adelaide and it is called – The work Christmas party, fun or frightening?

This is one of the simplest and most helpful pieces I have seen on the risks of office or workplace parties.

This quote sums it all up: More than ever, it is important to remember that work functions are just that, work functions and as work functions the employer is responsible for what happens to employees (and other attendees) at work.

The article talks about a Telstra employee who was deemed to be unfairly dismissed for sexual antics after a party, and also covers an incident where employees were playing with chemicals and one got badly injured.

The article gives a few good ideas to employers, including:

  • Encouraging soft drink and water consumption
  • Offering lots of food
  • Refreshing sexual harrassment awareness
  • Making taxi vouchers available

What I like about the voucher idea is that it means when the party is over the party is actually over and people are less likely to ‘hook up’ under the guise of needing a lift home.

One thing that struck me is just how much this sounds like it could have been written for high school or primary school kids preparing for an end of year event – obviously not ALL the references, just the spirit of having to ‘think ahead for those under your control’. This probably does most in my mind to question whether evolution is still progressing!

Click through to read the work Christmas party tips along with a whole lot of other well written tips across family law and motor vehicle accidents on this Adelaide website.

Single Fare

There is a lot of information about people being alone at Christmas published every year. But a new website launched in Adelaide last week gives it all a new twist.

Single Fare is the brain child of a mother and daughter team. The mum, who is now living on her own was finding herself always settling for ‘lazy’ meals. She would often look at interesting recipes but they would typically be for many people and not always easy to cut down for single serves. This led to wastage and frustration.

So the two of them have researched recipes and cranked them through their kitchens and are now sharing them with the world!

This is not actually a Christmas site but I thought it would be a great one to bookmark if you are going to be alone over the period and want to treat yourself to a few tasty recipes portioned out perfectly for ONE.

Something I like about the site is that each recipe tells you what you will have left over AND offers recipe ideas for using the leftover ingredients. Ingenious!

Here are some recipes that I think would make an excellent Christmas feast for one:

Even the Greek salad has leftover ingredients and links to ‘mopping up’ recipes like Avocado and Mango Salsa with Crispy Prosciutto, and Stir Fried Beef with Oyster Sauce.

Take a look at the Single Fare website and plan your menus!

Speed cleaning guide

Good Housekeeping magazine has a very helpful section of quick cleaning tips for all the major rooms in the house.

I thought this would be handy with xmas and holidays upon us.

Here are just some of the headings:

  • De-Scum Your Bathroom — Now!
  • 5 Steps to a Clean Kitchen
  • Zap Kitchen Odors
  • A Fresh Couch, Fast!
  • Clean Your Home Office — Fast
  • Quick Cleaning for Fans and Air Conditioners
  • De-Gunk Your Gadgets

I haven’t been through all of them yet but I did peep at the De-Scum Your Bathroom one. Here are the highlights:

  • Hang a rubbish bag on the door – for paper towel you will be using.
  • Pour bleach into toilet, scrub basin and let sit
  • With a spray bottle of equal parts water and white vinegar, spritz some onto paper towel or microfibre cloth and whip around taps, mirrors, countertops and sinks.
  • Flip your cloth over and do the back of the toilet cistern top and toilet seat.Flush.
  • Put a clean hand towel out, straighten the rest, mist them with linen spray or perfume.
  • Shake the rug then swoosh the corners of the room where dust and hair collect.
  • Remember the take the rubbish bag with you.

Good luck cleaning with these speed cleaning tips. Note, an ad might appear, just click the skip button.

Interesting rides

David Ellis from the UK loves travelling around the world, going on roller coaster rides, and filming a birds eye view for the rest of us.

Here are a couple of interesting rides I hope you enjoy.

The Imst Alpine Coaster in Austria (3.5km downhill with no brakes)


Katun – Mirabilandia Park, Italy