Other People’s Problems (****) until Sun, Mar 22, 2009

March 15, 2009

I have discovered a little venue of treasures for the 2009 Adelaide Fringe – The Tuxedo Cat, on the rooftop of 15-19 Synagogue Place in the city.

There is a superb array of shows running up in the clouds and they all espouse pure “fringeness”.

Other People’s Problems is a performance by Sarah Quinn of three short plays: Your Life Starts Tomorrow, Good Authority, and Self Help.

Sarah’s characterisations are well round and her transitions between characters quite fluid.

The three plays are all very simple, comedic and pithy. They examine the cult of the larger-than-life, self help gurus, the vulnerabilities of people enjoying their 15 minutes of fame through online social media channels, and the self-deluding lengths we all have the potential to go to in order to justify our timidity and lack of action.

Good, simple fun and an enjoyable way to spend 50 minutes during the Fringe.