When did the gulf grow so wide between The Advertiser and The ABC?

May 2, 2013

ABC news app vs Adelaide NowThe beauty of consuming news from a smartphone, is that you can get a quick overview of the main topics of the day and then choose to dive deeper into the stories that interest you most.

I’ve noticed lately that the ABC has recently upgraded its smartphone app, meaning its daily headlines are comprehensive and nourishing. It is now in starker contrast than ever before against the icon that sits next to it on my phone for Adelaide Now, the Advertiser online news service.

Let me compare headlines at the time of writing this.


  • Sydney woman interviewed over Rolf Harris arrest
  • Charities fear NDIS levy could lead to ‘donor fatigue’
  • Carr says embassy helping man held in Saudi Arabia
  • Mother jailed for bashing 2yo daughter
  • Housing approvals disappoint raising rate speculation

Adelaide Now:

  • Port offers help to get out of a pickle
  • Why we’re happy to be called wowsers
  • Raining bubs and cubs at Monarto
  • Post-mullet options for Tex

As you can see, the ABC news comes across as a nutritious offering against Adelaide Now’s confection.

Admittedly, it is a cozy and comforting time for my PR friends because the ‘Tiser is desperate to print their ‘fluff’ and ‘spin’ so it can fill its columns on behalf of advertisers.

However, as a former journalist, I lament the seeming paucity of journalistic resources at The Advertiser where its role in facilitating public discourse has become reduced to serving up sensationalist mush or scraped together sports leftovers.

And, as a South Australian, I fear that politicians and lobby groups hold more power than ever due to lack of serious scrutiny.

Do we need to prepare for more State Bank horrors and nasty backroom deals against the public interest?