LEAKED: Brenton Bock’s next ‘big idea’ for Adelaide

christ-the-redeemer via Wikipedia

I caught the story last week that Brenton Bock, a local advertising executive, had floated a new ‘big idea’ for Adelaide: a giant maze with restaurant in the south parklands. I wouldn’t mind wandering through the maze, especially if its layout was easily changeable to keep it fresh. But what really piqued my interest was […]

Hypocrisy thy name is modern journalism

high-moral-horse Photo Steve Davis

My wife calls it getting on your ‘high moral horse’ and I call it hypocrisy. Whenever somebody poses in a holier-than-thou manner while at the same time remaining embroiled in dark, dirty practices, I think we are right to call them on it. And today it is The Advertiser, or rather that morphed mix of […]

When did the gulf grow so wide between The Advertiser and The ABC?

ABC news app vs Adelaide Now

The beauty of consuming news from a smartphone, is that you can get a quick overview of the main topics of the day and then choose to dive deeper into the stories that interest you most. I’ve noticed lately that the ABC has recently upgraded its smartphone app, meaning its daily headlines are comprehensive and […]

Thanks Foxtel, thanks Free-To-Air TV, I’ve gotten my life back

Foxtel bill

A big thank you to the programmers at Foxtel for making it such an easy family decision to cancel our pay TV contract recently. Not only are we now saving money, I’m finding more time to be productive AND enjoy other forms of recreation, like reading. Here’s what happened. We had been paying almost $100 […]

The Guardian Three Little Pigs video reveals truth about Big Bad Media

The Guardian Three Little Pigs video (image The Guardian via YouTube)

The Guardian’s two-minute commercial, Guardian open journalism: Three Little Pigs advert – video (view below), attempts to tell the story about how wonderful news coverage is in this age of social media. However, it actually reveals more ugly truth about the media today then was intended. I believe this commercial is the most convincing argument […]