A Record or an OBE **1/2 (Fringe Factory until Sunday, March 16, 2008)

March 4, 2008

This show perplexed me greatly and left me asking why it was written. It wasn’t because the writing was poor, nor was it because the acting was poor, it was because the story lacked drama.
Chiefly, it is the story of The Goodies, just after Bill Oddie left the trio to embark on a solo career as a musician/writer/performer. This is perplexing because in the great story of The Goodies, Bill’s departure would be the climax. The bit you are left with, the denouement, would then cover Tim Brooke-Taylor and Graeme Garden working out what to do next, attempting to go on as a duo and then, ultimately, parting company. This is precisely what we explore during this 30 minute play.

In many ways, if we were to treat the story of The Titanic in this way, we would start just as survivors are plucked from the water into the safety of rescue vessels and then finish when they reach shore.

I hope this is a work in progress and we will see the full story sometime soon.

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