Akmal – Live ***1/2 (Arts Theatre until Sunday, March 16, 2008)

March 4, 2008

Akmal is a naturally funny man and he uses his size and personality to great effect. This show seems largely improvised, using a foundation of some standard routines that have the feeling of being used many times before.

If you love Akmal, and it is hard not to like him, you will smile, laugh and enjoy this show. If you are looking for adventurous comedy heading into new territory, you will be disappointed. I thought his bravery in asking for questions from the audience was virtuous, at first, but then became tired as it continued for what seemed like the second half of the show. Unfortunately, most of the questions yielded a paucity of comic material. I even chipped in with one, asking Akmal who was the worst person at improvising on Thank God You’re Here, but he dodged the question.

I would like to see Akmal write more material for the show, rather than rely so heavily on the crowd or his “now that I am famous” routines because I know he has the talent there waiting to be mined.

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