Frank Woodley combines slapstick, stand up, and physical theatre effortlessly. It appears to be as natural to him as breathing. Having worked previously in a trio, then a duo, his venture into solo territory is very pleasing.

In Possessed, we follow the story of a man who becomes possessed by the ghost of an Irish woman who drowned in a shipwreck some 120 years earlier. Our timid, loner hero must suddenly contend with company, cohabitation with a ghost, and dealing with a much more flamboyant and forthright character.

There are many, many pleasing moments of signature “Lano and Woodley” cartoonesque mayhem along with some well set up comedic scenarioes involving our two-in-one characters dealing with intimacy and self-expression.

The simple, fun premise upon which this show is based is just that, simple and fun. It is, however, stretched a little beyond its shelf life to 80 minutes. I would love to see a 60 minute version of this show, allowing Woodley to jettison some repitition and deliver a more concentrated punch.

However, it is an engaging and entertaining show, marking a confident transition to solo performer status.

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