Playing Burton **** – Starring Josh Richards (Holden Street until Sunday, March 16, 2008)

February 25, 2008

Guy Masterson has directed this one-man show about his uncle, Richard Burton, and he has created a real gem.

If you have ever liked Richard Burton, if you enjoy well-rounded vowels and a deep, explosive, male voice, you will find this show a decadent, almost guilty, pleasure.

Josh Richards could easily be Richard Burton – the combination of his natural “gifts” and stature, and inside information and guidance from a theatrically savvy nephew.

Unfortunately, some lines are rushed and a little garbled, so expect to lose 10 to 20 percent of the dialogue, as words race by with powerful delivery at breakneck speed. It is the same sort of verbal wastage which one allows for when watching a production of Shakespeare.

Go early, enjoy a nice drink at the greatly-improved Holden Street Theatres Bar, and settle in for outstanding Fringe theatre in the classical tradition.

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