Charlie Pickering – Thirteen Ducks ***1/2 (Bosco Theatre until Sunday, March 2, 2008)

February 24, 2008

Sand up comic, Charlie Pickering is back in town. The curly-haired, baby-faced comic brings his usual collection of observations and his hunger for interacting with the audience.

He has also just done a master class in comedy with Bernie Mac in Los Angeles (he played Bosley in Charlie’s Angels – Full Throttle and is the black guy in Ocean’s Eleven and sequels) and shares some hilarious new skills and material from that experience.

He also has a lot of fun with BB King’s Autobiography and those television infomercials we all love to hate. 

He scored lots of points with me when he observed the quality of celebrities in Adelaide Confidential in the Advertiser. He noted how in the early days it was a small part of the paper with the local weather girl and maybe some Crows players as celebrities. But now is seems to fill most of the paper and all you need to do to be a “celebrity” it seems, is turn up to watch a game at Football Park or a fashion parade!

This is good, honest stand up. It won’t set the world on fire, but you will laugh and get your money’s worth.

NOTE: His Advertiser review might suffer a little due to the content of his show 🙂

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