The Window ****1/2 (Bakehouse until Sunday, March 2, 2008)

February 24, 2008

This production is the best example of integrating live action with multimedia that I have ever seen. All these elements worked together with a beautiful synergy; the new technology “adding” to the experience, not “dominating”.

Julie Eckersley (MTC, The Wedge) and Jo Turner (STC, All Saints) deftly create an emotionally gruelling and sometimes fantastic world, in which a daughter and her father are drawn together to face things long unsaid.

If you are a parent or are approaching parenthood (as I am), I believe it would be impossible to experience this production and not be moved to tears (I was).

Every ingredient in The Window is well measured and used with purpose, from the striking and functional set design, to the images projected onto the large backdrop-cum-screen.

For once, I agree with a show’s own marketing claims – this one is definitely passionate, innovative, and compelling theatre.

PS A note to our Premier and Arts Minister, Mike Rann. Please consider Bakehouse Theatre during your next round of arts funding so that the theatre can run an air conditioner during performances. They either do not have one, have one that is too noisy to run, or cannot afford to run the one they have. The Bakehouse is a small venue that seems to attract many excellent productions. Any assistance you could offer would not be wasted. Unfortunately, the theatre became quite stuffy about 40 minutes into the performance, robbing the actors of our full attention. I did overhear chatter about the heat as we filed from the theatre. 

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