Goering’s Defence **** (Fringe Factory)

February 24, 2008

It is intriguing to hear how Hitler’s number two defends the Nazi party’s dismantling of the election process. According to Herr Goering, when the Nazi Party was able to grasp power it “knew” that the needs of the people were in safe hands, so there was no need to risk the people changing their minds. The party knew best. Haven’t we heard this somewhere before?

However, it is chilling to hear him boast how his new and powerful air force was able to safely flex its muscle over Poland from 5000 metres, ensuring his pilots were unscathed while they wreaked havoc on the citizens below. It reminded me of footage of the air strikes against Iraq which the US Air Force was able to boast about the accuracy of its weapons.

This is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of Herman Goering on the eve of his planned execution for war crimes. We cross back and forth between actual dialogue from the Nuremburg Trial, and Herman’s own confession to us.

Do our governemnt’s in the Coalition of the Willing make similar claims and assumptions today? Are new and ever more increasingly invasive moves against our freedom “for our safety” the early signs of history repeating itself? This play might just be part of the process that keeps us all honest as we wield the power that our Allied nations are privileged to hold at this time in history.

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